Charlotte Davis: First Tee – Greater San Antonio Program Specialist

Charlotte Davis is a Corpus Christi native who has loved golf since the age of 10. After her first clinic of Girls’ Golf, golf became a huge part of her life story. She went on to play for the University of the Incarnate Word. After the completion of a Bachelors of Business concentrating in PGM, Charlotte worked to raise over $30,000 for non-profit, Broken Chains Recovery Center, through the organization’s annual golf tournaments. With the opportunity to continue to change lives through golf, Davis became a part of the First Tee staff as Program Specialist.

Tell us a little bit about your role as First Tee Program Specialist.

As Program Specialist, I serve as lead coach for our classes. I teach Tiny Tigers, PLAYers/Advanced PLAYers, and Par classes. I also help our coaches prepare for class by organizing lesson plans and set up. I will also be assisting in event coordination for the First Tee Invitational and our Annual Game Changers Luncheon.

What do you value most about your work with the First Tee?

I value the ability to reach the youth in San Antonio and teach them the skills that allowed me to have such a meaningful career in golf. The character skills that we instill in our program are so important, and it feels good to be apart of making the next generation great.

What kind of impact do you hope to have on our participants?

I hope to let them know that through persistence and confidence, they can accomplish many things. Through hard work, our kids can accomplish anything they can imagine. I hope to help them reach their goals in life and in their golf game by not only serving as a coach but a mentor as well.

What impact has golf had on your life?

Golf was the one sport I was good at as a kid. Through the Girls Golf program, I was able to overcome my circumstances and become a college golfer. The sport taught me how important and valuable hard work is. If I went to practice every day, it would allow me to preform better. Golf also showed me the importance of developing a strong mental ability to persevere in every situation I am in. Golf not only brought me my “Why,” but it brought me an education and a lifetime of friendships and memories.

What do you think is the importance of implementing our nine core values/life skills curriculum in our lesson plans for our participants?

The core values serve as great addition to the curriculum because they teach our players that it is equally important to be a great person as well as a great player. If we can develop our students to understand these values early in life and their career, success will come very easily for them. It feels great to contribute to the next generation of role models.