Stevie Grace Coats: First Tee – Greater San Antonio Par Participant

Tell me a little about yourself. Hi. My name is Stevie Grace Coats and I am 11 years old. I have been in the First Tee program at Landa Park Golf Course in New Braunfels, Texas since 2018. I just started 6th grade and enjoy being challenged academically. I have a serious love for family, horses, chickens, cats and dogs and would love to grow up to be a farmer. Yes, a farmer! In addition to playing golf, I also compete in a summer swim league and am a proud Schertz Stingray. I also enjoy dance, gymnastics, spending time with my grandparents and playing with my sister and four cousins – Dalton, Julianna, Hazel and Flynn. What has your First Tee experience been? The experience at First Tee has been amazing!!! I feel very blessed to have made a ton of friends and have learned a lot about life through playing golf. My coaches, especially Coach James, have encouraged me to try my hardest and have helped me learn a lot about the game of golf. What are some activities you like to do outside of school? If I am not playing with my sister Lauren, you will find me sitting at the kitchen table drawing. I mainly focus on drawing people, but lately have been creating my own cartoon animals. How did you get involved with the First Tee? My grandfather, who we call Crypa, encouraged us to get involved with golf and told us about First Tee. Then, Meemaw and Pa Jack bought me my first set of clubs. Between school and your activities how does First Tee aid in your success? First Tee has taught me the importance of living life with integrity, how to be a good sport when things are not going your way, and that it is important to encourage those around you. What are your future goals? In the future, I want to spend more time around horses, become a better golfer and be the type of person that others look up to.