The Petter Family: First Tee – Greater San Antonio

Can you tell us a little bit about Zach, Timothy, and Michael individually?

Zach, the oldest of 4 kids, is a hard working high school graduate.   He loves golf, is currently working at San Antonio Country Club, and is heading to Sam Houston State University in the Fall of ’22 to study business in the PGAM program.  He is active in his church serving in the worship band and leading young boys in AWANA club.  He enjoys hanging out with his family and friends.  He enjoys hosting friends for game nights, playing his guitar, and playing ultimate Frisbee and golf.  

Timothy, our third kiddo, is an 8th grader who loves catching lizards and drawing dragons.  He is a cross country runner in addition to being a golfer.  He enjoys helping in the kitchen cooking and baking, especially brownies.  He is a thoughtful kid who thinks of others first.  He enjoys serving at church in the youth program helping with the tech team, helping with preschoolers at VBS, and is a current participant in AWANA, studying God’s Word and memorizing Scripture. So far he has memorized over 250 verses.  He enjoys hanging out with his family and friends reading, watching movies, and drawing.  

Michael is our youngest in the family and he is in 5th grade.  He enjoys golf, throwing the football with his brothers, wiggle boarding on his ripstick, reading, watching movies, and drawing.  He is an active participant in AWANA studying God’s Word and memorizing scripture.  He has memorized over 180 verses so far.  He also enjoys learning Greek and playing dodge ball at Sunday school.  He enjoys hanging out with his family and friends.  He spends his downtime fine tuning his drawing skills and action figure model building.  

What has each of their favorite experiences with the First Tee been?

One of Zach’s most favorite experiences with the First Tee would be participating in the first Game Changer Shootout, when Bobby Diaz helped coach the team.  He made his best put to win his match.  He also enjoyed participating in classes and growing his friendships with golf buddies.  He was honored to have received a Perseverance award and Participant of the Year award in 2020. 

Timothy is an overall easy guy.  He really has enjoyed being able to attend classes, learning the life skills, and working with the coaches at the First Tee.  

Michael has really enjoyed taking classes at the First Tee and has enjoyed his different coaches, playing the golf games, and he especially liked setting his personal record for his longest drive!

How and when did you all first get involved with the First Tee?

When we moved to San Antonio, 11 years ago, we wanted to continue golf as sport for our oldest.  Coming from a smaller community that didn’t have something like the First Tee, we were really excited to find the program.  Our oldest, Zach, started taking classes when he was 7, and as each one of our boys reached that age, we put them in the program too.  Overall, we have ben a First Tee family for over 10 years.    

In what ways do you feel the First Tee has impacted Zach, Timothy, and Michael positively?

The First Tee has a great impact on each one of our boys, in similar and unique ways.  For each of them, they have benefited and enjoyed learning and implementing the life skills in their daily lives.  I can see how each one of them strives to work hard, be better, and to pass on what they have learned to others.  They really try to live out these skills in their daily lives.  For Zach, we have seen him grow and mature at the First Tee.  The First Tee was his first job and he got to Coach/Intern at summer camps. For Timothy and Michael, they have been able to fine tune their skills and they like to help collect baskets for Coach Steve, when they come the driving range.  

What does the game of golf mean to your family? 

I truly can’t say enough about how amazing the First Tee has been for our family.  It has grown my sons in golf and life skills.  It has allowed opportunities that have been financially beneficially for our family, such as the bucket discounts to encourage practicing more, the golf classes that set up playing opportunities, being able to participate in tournaments at private clubs and with pros, that we otherwise would most likely not get to play, such as the Brady-Nittoli, and getting to build skills for a life long sport.  Since all my boys play, my husband gets to take them out for some great father/son time which have made for some great memories.  It allows my  daughter and I to cheer them on and be spectators.  Being at the First Tee has allowed us to make great connections with golfers and  golf friends.  

And as parents, we are glad to have great coaches speaking wisdom and encouragement into our kids.  It is great to see how those who work/volunteer for the First Tee classes, all love the game and want to see kids succeed on the course and in life.  The First Tee has brought opportunities, friends, life long skills, and great joy to our family.