Zach Petter: First Tee – Greater San Antonio Eagle Participant & Summer Intern

My name is Zach Petter and I am the oldest of four kids, I have been homeschooled my entire life by my mom who was a teacher and would not give up a minute of it for any other school experience. I love playing/doing anything in the outdoors and have played 5 different sports on a team in my life (golf being my favorite of course). I am 18 (I just graduated this year from high school), I have made it all the way to the EAGLE level, I have been with the First Tee about eight years. My favorite accomplishments in golf have been representing team First Tee – Greater San Antonio in the Game Changer Cup and winning my match to get our team a point for out total team victory, I was nominated for Participant of the Year in 2019 and gave a speech about my First Tee experience. Competitive golf was something that came to my life my sophomore year so I haven’t played competitive golf for too long but during this last year of competitive play I have placed top 10 in every STPGA tournament I’ve played in for the 2021 season. My First Tee experience has been very important to my development of the person I am today, some of the most important things that the First Tee has taught me are self-confidence and perseverance in achieving my goals both small and big, I also act as a volunteering coach on Saturdays as well as a summer intern for the summer camps. I like to do all things outdoors, I am very active in my church band I play guitar almost every week and I love every minute of it, I’m very much into doing activities with my family and friends and spending time with them playing games and hanging out. I first got involved with First Tee when my family moved here to San Antonio in 2010, my dad heard about it and signed me up and we haven’t looked back since. First Tee aids in my success by providing me opportunities such as meeting new people, by teaching me and preparing me for a future job and how to interact with people in professional settings, for teaching me the importance of the nine core values and having a go-to team. My future goals are to attend a prestigious university and receive a bachelor’s degree (I’m still undecided as to what specifically right now). I have received my Citation award from the AWANA’s program I was in at my church, it’s the highest award possible to receive and it took 10 years of work to get.